Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love Being a Mommy

Being a mother is more amazing than I had imagined.  Hunter is 10 weeks old and full of life.  I love to watch how he experiences the world.  It seems like every day he has a new experience - a first time for something.  God gave us a happy and energetic baby boy.  He entrusted us with this child, and I consider being a parent a privilege.  It is taking me longer to type this blog, as I watch Hunter kick his busy little legs, smile, laugh, and blow bubbles.  Everyone says that they grow so fast, and I am taking in every moment.

His Name
His full name is Jesse Hunter.  Both Clayton and I thought of the name Jesse and mentioned it on the drive to church (we rarely agreed on a name).  This was December and a few days before Christmas.  At church, we sang a hymn and read a verse that noted Jesus as the root of Jesse.  The name Jesse means "God's gift" or "God exists."  How appropriate as we consider this child a gift from our God who loves us dearly, and He does exist!

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